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Healthcare NLP

trained on 30M Real Patient Data

Simplify medical data analysis, derive greater clinical insights, & deliver personalized patient care.



A powerful LLM, fine-tuned on extensive real-world healthcare data, ensures precise and fast processing of complex information.

The strongest clinical NLP APIs that deliver speed & simplicity

Clinical NLP Diagram

Why Omniview

Harness Omniview LLM, fine-tuned on 30M patient charts, for unparalleled precision.

Omniview guarantees unparalleled accuracy & consistency, eliminating AI hallucinations.

Omniview understands clinical contexts to handle complex queries to deliver accurate outcomes.

Prioritize flexibility with cloud-independent solutions & on premise hosting for data control & security.

Benefit from our straight forward, fixed-cost model for unlimited document processing.

Utilize tailored model training on our LLM with de-id patient data for privacy-compliant healthcare apps.


Advancing Healthcare Innovation

Unlock the potential of their medical data.



OCR scans and converts printed and handwritten documents like patient forms, doctor’s notes, prescription labels, lab results, medical histories, imaging reports, etc., into digital data.


Named Entity Recognition (NER) in healthcare detects and categorizes entities like patient names, medical terms, and various terminologies from unstructured text.

Data De-ID

Data De-ID

De-identify structured & unstructured documents, PDFs, and images to comply with regulations like HIPAA & GDPR to protects sensitive information while allowing data analysis.

Clinical API

Discover our medical informatics API suite: SNOMED CT for standardized concepts, RxNorm for drug names, LOINC for lab tests, and ICD-10-CM for coding.

Clinical API

Insights AI Omniview API Benchmarking

Benchmarking against GCP Healthcare, AWS Comprehend, and Microsoft Azure, Omniview’s F-measure metrics provide valuable insights into its performance.

Case Study

Case Studies